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also north bay good morning you can see yellows taking over most of marin and sonoma even oranges starting to take over windsor just getting out ofzt?h)he heaviest rain still hanging around latest update we still have yellows around windsor pleasant>j hill road down to old redwood ride to the -- road south;o of santa rosa stone any point redwood drive petaluma hill that whole area getting heavy rain some of the heaviest where valley ford and walker road connect where we had the reds a few seconds ago. to the south heading towards novato watch out on novato boulevard as you come into novato from the west this is slowly sinking south right now anywhere south of9(f the north bay not raining but it is going to be in the heart of the bay in about an hour and probably south bay by 8:00 9:00. good morning. flooding where mike was talking about in theñco! windsor
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area north 101 windsor river road high winds on all bridges extra caution late traffic coming into san francisco still two lanes in the southbound direction they will reconfigure that as the commute getsomw)r underway light trafficxpiq! 87 in san jose past hp pavilion i wanted you to see some of the drive times up and over the altamont pass, highway 4 westbound east shore freeway from the car seen -- carquinez bridge into the macarthur maze under 20 minutes.$+k patience and persistence that's what you will need flying out of the bay area today rain here could cause delays at sfo bad weathergpá back east will make thingszíñ z worse. amy hollyfield is live at sfo with more. >> reporter: i just spoke with the duty manager here and i've got surprisingly good news no cancellations here at sfo as of yet there are a couple of delays no cancellations.
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here's what is causing//>ó concern and has people wondering if the day could get rock check out the weather in chicago there are delays and cancellations at o'hare. this weather is causing problems throughout the midwest l there are delays out of sfo to newark and philadelphia those delays are weather-related. the duty manager said67;s@ no cancellations he did say as of yet leaving open the possibility that could change i asked him about that and he emphasized keep checking back with us. this situation is definitely a fluid one. here in sfo not experiencing weather at this time. that also could change. we will be here this morning, monitoring the situation at=rzç the airport. we know it is a very busy travel time now. as of right now not looking too bad. amy hollyfield abc7 news. 5:03.
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storm damaged section of highway 1 in sonoma county will reopen soon to one-way traffic by tomorrow weather permitting the stretch has been shutdown since december 5th,xm when a small section of the road collapsed when storms hit. the rain is expected to turn to snow in the higher elevations to skiers' delight. there's already snow on the ground on highway6
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questioning witnesses. police areqgqñ investigating a car fire that may be connected to robberies. fy fire was reported in antioch on highway 4 at g street witnesses say the driver crashed the car after a chase with police suspect ran away but was caught and bitten by a police dog the incident happened around the same time that a series of@zñ liqueur liquor store robberies took place. bells will ring at churches and other buildings across connecticut this morning to honor the 26 victims of last friday's shooting. governor malloy asked residents to pause more a moment of silence to remember the 20 children and six educators who died at sandy hook elementary. similar tributes all around the u.s. this morning. funeral services will take place today for three students and two staff members.
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abc news will air a special report during this morning's moment of silence 6:28 our time we will airqóg@ju here during the abc7 morning news. we will also stream it live on people in the southd80] baycs>ñjaá"ti tr""';y?÷ tribute during an interfaith vig=7 ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪élcp>> dozens joined last night's remembrance at the government center in san jose. speakers included two children moved by the tragedy. >> the idea that guns don't kill people, that people kill people is only an excuse. >> i wish that all the victims would rest in peace. >> many people wrote messages and left them on t
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san francisco police are still investigating whether a driver involved in a hit-and-run in the twin the influence of drugs or alcohol. investigators say, three people were hit by a car and knocked off the edge of the hillside before 9:00 on christmas tree point road. all had to be rescued by paramedics using ropes and back boards. within woman was taken to the hospital withwiflife-threatening injuries. the suspect's car was found a short distance away damage on the passenger's side oncrhp(c% person in that car injured and taken to the hospital. today sneaker collectors across the country are trying to get a pair of nike's newest airxt> j just8]n!ñ released a few minutes ago in newark police say 2300 people are in line. -- say 300 people are in line. yesterday alabama police had to use pepper spray. offbws numerous fights broke out. the jordan retro 11 cells --
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sells for $185. >> that's not the holiday spirit we need to know where raining, how much4)bño how hard. >> on the first day of winter. absolutely we are greeting with it a healthy storm. good morning many sue told me there's floodinglá/or on 101 that's what we are going to get bringing down rain at a heavy pace over small areas ponding on the roads and minor street flooding out of this particular wave of showers as theyzp6wj:ut through the bay just yellows and greens around windsor now ringed by oranges and reds this is all moving northwest so it is heading back towards w going to stay on 101 from windsor to santa rosa guerneville road ludwig road out toc]j trying to wind through the
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hills going to be a rough go raining so heavy now bodega avenue from cotati towards petaluma petaluma about to get hit by another round. as we look ataéru:áu$ bay this is where mainly staying. san rafael larkspur novato towards sonoma and napa headed your way over thep1 so heart of the bay 7:00 south8 some of thet rain down there in the afternoon hours moreuau&ñ rain. heavy rain or steady rain heavy at times this morning then waves of showers for the afternoon. just beginning. so far so good, wet have flooding in went sore area north 501 live --%x -- windsor area north 101 no delays towards the berkeley curve and macarthur maze.oae
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san rafael not getting heavy drive towards the golden gate bridgeasr]r winds youqr>/p heavy probably on the bridges this morning. bart muni caltrain all mass transit getting off to a good start no delays roadwork onux) westbound dumbarton bridgeyy]dx down to one lane should be picked ' up 6:00 this morning. drive times out of santa rosa, south 101 30> /ñ+1zh2uqó minutes into novato 24 from walnut creek to the[b;v caldecott tunnel 20 minutes highway 92 san mateo bridge 15 minutes from hayward]69z towards san mateo. 5:10. next the hefty fines some bay area hospitals are being forced to pay for failing to take proper care of patients. michael8r finney attorneys a local hockey team to find out the secrets to texting in cold weather. first here's this morning's money report.w:ó÷ good morning.
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topping america's money rough day aheadd'1nh for markets overnight stock futures indicated1p> lowerh?hdz opening this morning. the weakness blamed squarely on the failure in washington to reach a fiscal cliff deal. bernie madoff's younger brother peter has beenúñ sentenced to 10 yearsrs)blñ he claimed he did not know about the fall until his brother told him. facebook testing service that will charge users a dollar to guarantee messages they send are connected to arrive in inboxes rather than an ignored foaler called other. historic day in movie history:.p snow white and seven dwarfs debutted this day 75 years ago the first feature len animated film produced by disney the -- the parent company of abc.
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t live we'll let mike interpret whatríó the green and yellows and reds mean.o0 we know this is moving into the entire bay area later today-j08kg. police throughout the bay area will be out in full starting today looking for drivers. san mateo police planning to set up a dui checkpoint
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tonight officers from throughout san mateo county will staff the location as part of their avoid the 23 dui> highway patrol and police$-)> fo2ílñ underway into informal ride-sharing businesses. puc exploring innovations
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safety insurance and jurisdiction of ride-sharing to figure out how to regulate the new industryfaá the companiesõ qñ÷ > reporter: the bay area y seals brave the chill at the ice rink in san mateo. even the most athletic among us@to'z text with gloved hands in the frigid coal. >> yous(7 can't -- frigid cold. --
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&ryyrñ -- [ unintelligible ] ."h>v >> it connects to that. >> reporter: we asked the seals to help us put[ybuñ the du&= thingss2oaz gloves and found a pair ofzi0qpnormal mittens to test.mf9u% first we tried texting without digits letters refused to0fxá#q i p(pear on the screen7z-[.y'ñ? >> i couldn't even get my phone to?ñl@15z unlock. >> reporter:)> texting [ unintelligible ]n +(hr'audible ] >> reporter: the two put on the digits and let their fingers do the rest.vu9 the padded tips are made from a silicon and triggers movement on your screen.a+lz
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ryan and frankie see immediate differe#zu >> amazing i>ad " can
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highway brooks road lakewood drive and those areas foothillsújd(ty"é"rive seeing some of itj([b look at oranges and some of thepsa reds assd[lç you go from 101 cloverdale wing soree/dz santa rosa down towards -- windsor-l cotati right[ it is not raining there.n let's]!9z see where the leading edge is to the south of napa sonoma or just to the north of that novato towards stenson beach™d close to there you can see yellow there is pbnny marsh=smg petaluma road headingmbçxy intoyjm petaluma a matter of ú 45 minutes wsnz÷ ñ ép prepared it is on the way. for san francisco
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you can see yellows still light to modera utmj rain as it rolls from sacramento to%k÷ san francisco atu+e 7:00 by 9:00 steadier rain rnmy+ting down to the south bay. by noon steadier rain starts to/z÷ turnoverz"ef towardspk showerscih=ñ some could be moderate for your evening plans have wet.u7éñ weather gear handy it going to be wet. another6d stronger push of heavier =mz@ therekim heart of thep> until 7:00óç[kv tomorrow5qcñ morning. then it tapers to reall15= ]4l light scattered showers saturday afternoon a period of lighter rain compared to today and sunday 8:00 sundayq380z morning light to moderate rainl:&k5 moving in sunday'sw÷q rain will bexao! a steady all day rain until the( about 3:00 4:00.h>[aemñm!e quick lookqby atj forecast
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50s?aç and thevén onlynoa completelyáe0] dry day monday. 80. you can expect it as b-ç the snowv>xñ begins to fall that will change later today.y here's a look at east shore freeway moving yet as you can make your way from golden gate fields past university into the berkeleyxhço curve and macarthur maze everything at the a÷ from san rafaelqq%>v out ofkorrt n v ñ towards the/z/w ignacio and civicch5u/i6 center into central san rafaelrggch everything at the limit towards the golden gate bridge. high winds takeñg>. extrau;ñ÷q @&c% t%23[ morning when thex5xo-ìñ hit with those heq$+ driveuñbs times san ramon valley from 580 dublin pleasanton to highway,q( 24 walnut creek under 20 minutes 580 westbound 60 towar(%dv castro valley and 238p( 0 87 san jose area fromçdps 85 upq8
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z2'? 101úe5=: tim lincecum sports a new look.5l hisnh'7 big changeo&8cñ$4 4-hñ ho-ho-hod s warriors bring santa cheer to hundreds of children.pyúy8w today's katie5éonñ4uxñ olivia newton john and stars of the impossiblegeb she -- [ unintelligible ]mxt2ñ that is "america's money." i'm rob nelson.
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y;&a< are looking atel x live
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doppler hd active forecast this morning heavy rain now in the north bay jut the tip ofiu3÷ when it comes to these storms. speaking of ice snow coming as well miked a forecast!'+d coming up in a second. the warriors are proving they0v> 100 200 toys will be delivered today alone we are thankful people are coming out to help this is the time of the year when we need all the help we can get.3?k ÷ >> the warriorsí? ÷lf?w are back
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home tonight against thex+mñy1má-;ln bobcats. >jhfd you saw mark pier 39 weather for that was okay. let's find out what the weather is going to be like -- let's look.h1ms lincecum that famously long hair is gone. seattle stylist tweeted he gave him a trim this week which takes him back to a look similar to this! that's his5-- gaspen,í from everyone 2007 last time he looked like that. >> i like it. >> yousé6ú do? >> yeah. is that going out one#> a limb? >> no, i thinkm[?z a lotcíú of people ardúl+"g to like that look, especially i3+ñlddpç he's back on a winning streak jail then you can look any way you want. livem3 doppler good morning light moderate heavy rain in the north baykbanñqss)çhk9fz yellows andsynq oranges there, this is ]osq$t it is staying now as the
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storms are gliding along the cold front from southsé04ñ wet to northeast. if you are going anywhere north of 80 nowzydp gooda luck.gj)2y
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toward fashion island and foster city traffic flowing a little crowded on the highrisem[qz sectionl# caltrain reportsjvu >) d q tw:eñ redwood city has hit metal in the traction we don't know which train you can expect delays as they stop to get that metah5=:. of tracks and repair if there was damage9 no other mass+ v çñ'd 5:28. just ahead weyjg5y go back live to connecticut where abov÷ this morning one week after the deadly sandy hook school shootingó ÷. a live look at the north bay nowó-; raining in sonoma county we'll coóng coverage and update&o ñ mike will show you live doppler 7!ó.f hd next.
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s katie marzullo in for kristen sze. i'm>q&! eric thomas. if you live in the north bay you are getting rain now. radar returns impressiveníwd we've had heavy rain in the north)áujv where it hasv for the better part of the overnight hours getting up to 3/4 of an inch in santa rosa now.
5:31 am
you could haveubáponding on the road there is a littlewníwm around walker road heavier rain earlier along tomales road petaluma back across point0] where the heaviest of the rain is falling now.÷
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there hit metal in redwood city putting it back caltrain on time nbkknv other bart delays we'llháh? followoj)w report.í&gyñ the bay aread0jq iw)j bracing for al]ñ+÷ long66nvk storm that promisings.g promises cold temperatures wind and lots of rain. t # mcsweeney is live in the north bay. >> reporter:ñ=uúó get here in petalumaqhew:o0ezó petaluma boulevardñb the rain has
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the cart and heater and we'll go out and try.a/sy >> reporter: you are going? >> we are goingqenij to try it.yqlgjl games planned today for most people it is'íiñ cover-up bundle up keep the rain off of them he we are hearing about localized flooding3fs.& windsor coming down steady to herepp!eái'ggq&3rn to the rest of the bay area. terry6u1p mcsweeney abc7 news. ,[69u 5:34. we've been talking the weather all morning. how could it impact anyone trying to get a8iñ holiday travel plans?$?)ef5"tqq t(vv should be the busiest travel day of thevh6jñu8 season sfoñ60ui estimated 130,000%""vñ people will pass throughout there's a huge the midwest and it is affecting travel. flights are expected to be delayedebk( nationwide. coming up!tia# join us live from sfo with more on the travel trouble we are facing today.v'[q[ more than 130 concession workers at oak qoévév international aretck threatening to go on strike as early asa t
5:34 am
today because of a labor impasse?a reports union workers are having a disagreement with hms host the companyl÷ concessions at ç:%÷u airport. union says hmswú employeesu÷lb( to pay for insurance increasest,[tp takedp@iv unpaid meal breaks and freeze wages for the rest of the contract. union workers plan to$tiiñ rally from noon to 6:00 outside terminals today.mqñk this morning u four).%< recovering after hit-and-run -- christmas tree point road three people were hit byl9v a car and knocked offw xñ the edge ofz 9 the hill all 3ñ had to be rescued using ropes and back/55o; boards a woman was takau'2(&hc% thee hospital with live threatening thee)/"z suspect'sil@-p was found &u)u$$ damage on passenger's/ side withi:swññ person in the cau'?tosp hospital. police are -- police are ów
5:35 am
the driver was under the influence. " public memorialv0( will take place this evening< high for a stand out football player who was shot to death in san fra8 / 17-year-old died after being ÷73f[oe]b inu÷wxq bay view district saturday night.qu-ñ teammates and coaches7í>f described him as being a leader on and ofà9ñ the field.tzufuo0[ñy÷vi0 tonight's vigilp 7:00 inside the gym at concord hig!1%u police have not arrestedxísk anyone and investigators want to hear from anyone who saw what happened.÷$5 5:36. bells will9i ring in and around connecticut and in many places across america this morning to mark the moment one week ago this morning that a gunmankx opened fire school. wendy%%c%d gillette joins us live from connecticut with more. >> reporter:#ê=ñpúwe've seen a b@ linee of school buses coming didn't a hill into town today one small sign thing are begvoyt to#79 return tom.yxx normal
5:36 am
here. there's still a heavy policexzm preesnnce in town. part of the reason why is that the governor and other officials will be here in an hour from now to hold a moment o silence that's$!ycm a remembrance that will be happening all over8çfí the? today.u this morning marking tnyç moment when terroreáe=w invaded sandy hook elementary. governor malloy called for a moment and asked places of worship and buildings with bells to ring victim shot.o9:úh clergy and other states say they will do the same to honor the victims. many governors asked residents to#54áq)+e a moment yesterdayhók friendsb fñ and faas#u1ñ said=o good-bye to four more children qzs 6-year-old catherine allison jesse andññe benjamin. >> there should be no reason for a coffinp that small. >> reporter:>r d0 teachers wexwo÷
5:37 am
also laid to rest. murphy+hr>) was found shielding some during her servicel4c" cardinal dolan of new yorkp0÷ sacrifices to jesus. familyeoa0x members of 6-year-old emily parker launchedfl%> lanterns for each victim inecñ#l utah98kl last night after speaking about their loss. >> there's no reasonc:4 h%dqitorcpd be here tonight >> reporter: the mother of the å=x remembered at a private service in new hampshire]:7lb gz by about 25 family members. attorney generalhñ holder visited newton idea to meet with firstm@ 3#i#.táurt(ujuáhsp'ylfdqs devastated."j!x mournersd+? want the leadf4 to change. >> i hope the9d begin in thisç[ tázá to be amovk÷ij:jz pur!ch(ranges have "í@t be made.n >> reporter: a long line of grieving continues for the fifth straight day there will be2:&úy more funerals todayqu including one for the school's
5:38 am
psychologist.swl wendyin gillette(ek] < abc news will air a special report during this morning's moment of silence:28 our time we will air it here during the news and streamuio7z it livew3#p;:?:hjz[w"bf abc7news. s0i& i'm just an amateur colors are impressive. >> even we can tell+t1t2-jj uz be a wet one out there already is in t@ :áu$$ bay. almost an inch of rain santa rosa, youçweare getting a little break now to the northern sections of64-sr9 there deer park road uplz2 silverado traile5,s mountain road towardsó9otñ gettingú7 rain not down>uti tos . napa yettvn v 7m+v÷ backp2 allen2xjq warm
5:39 am
springs=z/wd road hot springs north of sonoma heavier rain then hitting fromm?dhñ lakeville,/mkt' road to spring hill roadoe
5:40 am
the> big donation"g #xp0x8oz @ú&hc% todayy bay community rebuild a dream. >> take a look live dopplerfz it is tracking the big storm pushing through the bay area this morning. we are all÷p?u going to feel its
5:41 am
impact north baylor is.cím& meteorologist mike niccoerd has -- the forecastnt
5:42 am
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good morninguy [ it is 5:44. thank you for joining us. you want to a special attent) 7#o the weatheri-íoy live doppler 7 hd mike tracking the
5:44 am
forecast bay it willá6" steadily beoexxo making its way south. neighborhood in3ks1 antioch will get;na÷ a big boost from pg&e later this morning in the effort police believe two teenaged3n6
5:45 am
mission district street gang. >> the sergeant saw these students wearing the blue coloredg.w sweatshirts with the number 13 on the back and realized the number hood school is in and realized this might be a potential problem. >> it is their job to look out not just us but the city but i feel special they are watching out for us also. >> the police department asked the school toe collect the old sweatshirts officers -- school to collect the old sweatshirts and officers helped to buy new ones. here's jane king with the bloomberg business report.rt(çm good morning. u.s. bank facing another round of cyber attackso same group tt8tpr attacked earlier this year security sources telling us bah+bw of under attack this time customers may have trouble logging on and it is not sure how long that will last.
5:46 am
meantime, snow storm in the midwest causing headaches for online orders yesterday heaviest shipping day of the year for u s temporarily halting pick-ups and delivers in iowa and nebraska fedex behind schedule inãk iowa kansas michigan and missouri. today start ofííavw prechristmas minute gifts. consumer reports says as of yesterday 68%, had not finished their holiday shopping. at the new york stock exchange i'm jane king with the bloomberg businessm+hz report. 5:47 on this friday morning. busiest travel day of the year at sfo already problems. >> longest delays i've seen up to four hours possible flight arrival delays and the rain is not here yet newark and laguardia also flight arrival delays. those are major airports and places people may be going or
5:47 am
trying to get people into today. flight tracker check it out, bottom of every page. you can see how dry it is over san francisco from sutro tower towards the east you can seeld clouds thickening as we speak. now i want to show you the leading edge of the lighter rain around larkspur san rafael we didn't see rain coming down but there's probably sprinkles as you have green and you can see up towards possibly novato and now, some of the heavier rain heading towardst road, arnold drive going to across 12 towards napa napa in the next 15 minutes or so going to see an uptick in the intensity of your rain. light to moderate rain even pockets of
5:48 am
heart of the bay by 7:00 then south bayc01y morning rain today$á&yl steadiest heaviest raining now through noon then showers weighs for the afternoon hours. heff -- waves for the afternoon hours. heavy rain tonight the only day we don't have rain in the forecast monday. 21>$ of rain. everybody is going to be out today and over the holiday heavier rain starting to move into the heart of the bay by 7:00, moving into the south bay by 9:00.jd by noon starting to see more scattered waves of showers move through, but they will still be here for the afternoon, evening and overnight by midnight heavier rain starting to return to the north bay gets heavier and pushes intohb heart of the bay by 4:00 out of the bay by 8:00 tomorrow morning tomorrow will be the day with the least amount of rain as we have scattered
5:49 am
light showers as we head towards sunday, we are going to see all day rain starting 8:00 in the morning until at least 3:00 in the north bay 7:00 in the south bay. rainfall totals up to 8 inch in the -- going to be in the 50s all seven days. right now, traffic is relatively light as you are heading out big travel day getting busier onvúf÷z 80 westbound from golden gate fields into the berkeley curve and macarthur maze moving at the limit as you make your way west. here's out of san raffle i should say out novato past -- marin mca civic center south 101 not seeing rain yet it is coming give yourself extra time golden gate bridge light four lanes southbound and 7w&6&dy conditions throughout the north bay at this hour as
5:50 am
wellå)ñ caltrain aren confirming that it was train 101 in redwood city that did hit metal they stopped for inspection, they are now experiencing 10 to 15ccx minute delay northbound for that first train out of the south bay 101. no other bart delays or muni everybody else on time. new this morning, north korea says it has detained an american citizen after he confessed to committing unspecified crimes. state media identified the man from washington state known as kenneth bay a 44-year-old tour operator of korean decent. officials say then]]ñ crimes were proven through evidence but didn'tmvcx into custody ing:1yf early november. congressh?6 holiday recess with the nation still teetering on the if k.
5:51 am
-- on the fiscal cliff.ó>f coming up formko7o marine stationed himself outside of a northern california school, following the9&nsl sandy hook school tragedy. we'll tell you why he's in trouble with the corp.í5 so much for the end ofsññgw the world.jmé÷ it we are still here. we'll tell,]? you who is making a mint off the mayan doomsday prophesy.
5:52 am
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5:54 am
. welcome back. raining heavy north bay nearly an inch of rain in santa rosa overnight heavier now napa near sonoma towards petaluma and inverness. around the state anywhere north of 80 now7]p valley rain and mountain snow going to slide south towards fresno and yosemite during the afternoon. if you are heading north 3,000 dropping to 2,000 feet the snow level, 1500 east of chico and reading 4,000 western slope of the sierra. it stars snowing now and doesn't stopt?x:ç -- it starts snowing now and doesn't stop until sunday evening. >> into -- no chain requirements yet. back up right side approaching
5:55 am
bay bridge for cash paying folks otherwise no metering lights2" this morning out of antioch towards pittsburg and concord not a bad drive starting to slow from hillcrest out of central valley looking good up and over the altamont pass 20 minute drive. 5fa6ñ-u%y 5:56. former marine who stationed himself in front of a central california elementary school sinceq3te the newton shoot something facing questions with his?5 #rk history. he earned praise for doing guard duty at the school south of modesto. the marine corps rebukes statements he made to a newspaper the corp says he was not a reservist and never deployed to afghanistan he was discharged in 2008 as a private after serving less than onevv")áy looks like the predicted end of the world has turned into a doomsday dud. the an --
5:56 am
[ unintelligible ] archeologists say the prediction is aqb w9 bunch of hooey. giants fans will have a chance to take a picture with both world series trophies the team will hold a tour featuring 2012 and 2010 trophies the tour will travel throughout the bay area northern california and new york city where the team played before moving to san francisco. the tour begins january 8th in sacramento continues through march concludes at at&t park on opening day april 5th. we posted a link with dates and locations on look under see it on next we are back on the storm watch heavy rain hitting the bay area. live look at live doppler 7 hd we'll go to street level to show you the parts of the bay area seeing the most rain now. ahead and new, a car goes
5:57 am
up in flames overnight the crimes witnesses say the driver carried out before this fire got started.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now at 6:00 heavy rain and strong winds hitting parts of the bay area. live doppler tracking it÷@xñ allq' at street level in thev bay [ inaudible ] good morning i'm eric thomas. and i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. we'll get right to7 di meteorologist mike nicco. good morning. live doppler 7 hd showing from light rain to heavy rain up in the north bay where it has been raining for the better part of the overnight hours nearly an inch of rain in santa rosa so far. let's start st. helena on 29 you can see on oakville

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